Snail emmenthal and bacon 100g

Snail emmenthal and bacon 100g

130 mm

100 g

65 pcs

72 boxes

Water, Strong wheat flour, wheat flour, butter, sweet lactoserum, modified starch and native starch,
vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder, salt, thickener: sodium alginate, color: beta carotene, emmental, diced bacon, milk powder, sugar, crunbled yeast, preproved improver, gluten, ground nutmeg, black pepper ground, annato colouring powder, pasteurised whole liquid egg


Defrosting: 20 min at ambiant temperature
Bake in ventilated oven : 20 min at 170°C, opened key
Bake in hearth oven : 20 min at 210°C


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